Casseroles for Breakfast!

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It’s not every day that a dog throws a shoe at your head.

Yes, you read that right.

So there I was, minding my own business, sitting on the bed, taking off my shoes. Then, out of nowhere, a shoe lands right beside my hand. Colby claims he didn’t do it, and I don’t doubt that. Why? Because that shoe, and its sister shoe, were within a 1 foot radius of me. That leaves only two culprits: Stormy & Ra. I would normally blame Ra for it, but it’s Stormy’s turn.

That wasn’t how I wanted to start off this post, by the way. This is:

I’ve done it.

I’ve totally done it.

I’m five pounds away from my goal weight! FIVE POUNDS! So I only need to lose a bag of sugar, a two liter bottle of Sprite, or 905 U.S. pennies.

Since May 20, 2014, I have lost a total of sixty five pounds. To put it into perspective, an elephant’s penis is 60 lb., Stormy is 65 lb., 66 lb. is the amount of fats and oils an average American eats in a year, and all that is OFF MY BODY!

I’ve gone from a size 16 pants to a size 6, from a XL shirt to an S, from a size 9.5 shoe to … 9.5 shoe.


I love what my friend Jenny said about her weight loss:

The “magic bullet” for weight loss is actually a baseball bat. You don’t get to aim at fat, pull the trigger, and watch it dramatically gasp for air before falling over and fading away. No, you have to take a wooden baseball bat and beat fat to death with it while it whines about how happy you used to be together and how it misses the good times and then when your baseball bat breaks, you have to go find a new one and continue at it until fat finally collapses in a pile of defeat and you stand there, bloody, bruised, but triumphant.

Made one of my favorite breakfast casseroles for dinner last night (link). Instead of plain, boring white bread, I used some Superfood bread from the Great Harvest Bread Co. No, I haven’t become one of those people, I just love their bread and love trying different specials. Their Star Spangled Swirl bread is heaven on earth: bread + dessert, who wouldn’t love it?

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