Counters and Countertops: a New Home Story

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I know it’s been awhile since I’ve posted, dear Noms fans, but never fear! I is still here. Life has been good, but busy!

We’ve been house-hunting off and on for the past year or so; something always came up before we could put an offer in – family stuff popped up, Colby was out of the country, we had some reservations about the house/location and so on. This past Saturday, however, the planets aligned and we toured a new housing development in Durham, built by Lennar.

This development had only 4 floorplans, and we couldn’t narrow down which one we wanted – the Oxford had a nice landing, the Chastain had a kitchen, the Lenox had a nice master bath layout, and the Baldwin was cozy.

On Sunday, we dragged Evan with us to look at the homes again, and this time I was prepared with checklists, questions and things to review. With Evan’s help, we finally narrowed it down to the Oxford plan. If you are house-hunting, I strongly suggest bringing a friend with you to help narrow down your choices – they are impartial and they see things differently than you.

Yesterday, we signed the initial contract stating that we intend to buy the house when it’s completed (oh yeah, did I mention it’s not even built?), and we finalized options/choices for the house (black cabinets, white countertops, cherry floors, and so on).

I normally wouldn’t have considered a new development, I didn’t like waiting and there were so many other houses on the market, how could we justify buying a new home with a larger carbon footprint? It’s a sellers’ market right now, and houses are being sold all over the place. The RDU is expanding at an exponential rate, and it’s gotten to the point where there are only really old houses with tons of problems or brand new homes that haven’t been built. Plus our lease is up mid-June, so it works out perfectly – we should close on the house at the end of May/beginning of June.

We drove by our lot yesterday, before signing the contract, and while there was only a pile of dirt on Sunday, Wednesday had piles of wood nearby, and tons of construction workers!


Our lot is on the left!

Yeah, we’ll definitely be driving by over the next few months!

I keep doing my we’re-buying-a-house dance, and no, you may not see it.

In regards to the blog, I have an idea for a multi-post series, but I haven’t had the time to write it. I’m hoping to have more recipes out soon, but my attention span has been a little on the short side lately. It’s a side effect of one of my meds – short-term memory loss. According to Colby, it’s a good thing I’m pretty, because I couldn’t get anywhere with my brain right now, but we know he’s joking.


Well, I shall leave you with this image, dear readers, a picture of Stormy looking quite dapper in her new sweater.*


*She gets really cold in the North Carolina winters, to the point where she’s curled up in a ball, nose up her butt, shivering like crazy. Yes, you really needed that mental image. You’re welcome!

Grass and House” by Hubert H.


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