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Our dogs love chewing on things – rawhide, books, shoes, ceiling fans. Ra especially loves tugging and chewing and playing.

We kept losing all of his braided chew toys (either that, or the cats were hiding them in hopes that the dogs would gnaw on us instead), so instead of spending $10 or so on one at Petsmart, I figured, “Why not make my own? Colby has plenty of ugly shirts I can use!”


I think he doubles as a UPS delivery boy.

I started off with gleefully cutting up a UPS brown shirt, and an old undershirt. Snip, snip, snip, goes the happy Christy. After a few bad starts, I realized that cutting across the shoulders was the best way to get a long strand.

Once gleefully cut, I tied the ends together and put Colby to work.


Hard at work!


It’s so loooong.

I closed up the end, and went outside for Trial #1. My first (and only) subject was eagerly awaiting my experiment.


Play with meeeeee!

I think it’s a success!


Nom nom nom.

Update: Here is Ra with his shiny new toy.

Update #2: Dog chew toy round 2! This time I braided 3 strands, then braided them together.



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