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Happy 338th day of 2015!

1. Wyoming is the least populous state in the Union – an estimated 582,658 people lived there in 2013.

2. Christmas is coming, whether you’re ready or not. Unleash the love and tinsel!

3. Having a hard time finding a gift for that oddball in your life? How about Gingerdead Men Christmas ornaments? How about a Krampus the Christmas demon costume for that person who believes Halloween is a year-round celebration? A map of all the monsters in America for the traveler?

4. The Issus nymph, an insect smaller than a fire ant, has the best adolescence EVER. Unlike other bugs, which use their nervous systems to keep their legs in sync when jumping, the teen issus use gears. Yes, like mechanical gears. But the issus’ nervous system is too slow for jumping – a single sent from the legs to the brain and back again takes 5-6 milliseconds.

Instead, the gears, which engage before the jump, lets the issus lock its legs together – syncing their movements to 1/300,000 of a second, or 400 Gs, or 8 mph (faster than me!). Even stranger, the gears are molted away by the time they reach adulthood – then they jump like every other insect. Nature is awesome.

5. If you’re sending out holiday cards this year, check out this article on Slate – it gives pointers on correctly pluralizing your last name.

Quick tips:

  • If your last name ends in Y, add an S (Perrys, Baileys).
  • If your last name ends in S, add ES (Reyeses, Jefferyes).
  • If your last name is an irregular noun, just add an S (Elfs, Loafs), don’t pluralize it (the Elves, the Loaves).
  • Don’t add an apostrophe. Ever. It makes baby cookies cry.

6. Speaking of greeting cards, we’re sending some out this year! Our first cards as a couple! If you want one, send me your address by Dec. 15 and you’ll get a limited edition card. It’ll be worth millions one day, I promise.

7. There was more time between the Stegosaurus and the Tyrannosaurus rex then between the Tyrannosaurus rex and you.

8. Ronda Rousey. Danica Patrick. Jamie Anderson. Lolo Jones. Ali Krieger. What do these women have in common? They all kick butt in normally male-dominated sports. Go girls!

9. Some people claim that the War on Sex has been going on for centuries in the United States – the Puritans, abstinence-only education in our schools, and so on – but during World War II, sex was considered a national security threat! Sex! That thing that helps us reproduce!

Hundreds of women were detained/quarantined during World War II to keep from passing STDs to our brave soldiers – this included prostitutes, “delinquent” women, women who traveled near military bases alone. Well, they were detained if 1. they tested positive for an STD or 2. refused an STD test. Think of America, woman! Think of all our good troops out there!

10. Since when does Rihanna sing country music?

11. Ah, Christmas, the day we gather round the shining (fake) tree, opening presents, drinking hot cocoa, and avoiding Uncle Dave’s rants about the current state of affairs or Aunt Beth’s lectures on organic produce. Lifehacker has a ton of suggestions for avoiding those unpleasant conversations (confrontations?) – watch a movie (preferably something non-polarizing), blast some music (Rage Against the Machine!), change the topic gracefully, avoid the booze, go find someone else to talk to and just simply tell them to stop. Easier said than done, right?

12. Jeeps in a box!



Have a great weekend!


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