Friday 13s – January 29

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And it’s Friday!

1. Out with the new, in with the old. Hollywood is going back to its roots with SFX and loves to brag about it. From Max Max: Fury Road to Star Wars: The Force Awakens, actors are slogging through real deserts (REAL!), FX gurus are creating real foam rubber apatosaurus and directors are calling it “retro.” Goodbye, CGI. You’ve been replaced by your older brother.

2. (I accidentally started to call this one the Golden Ration) Everyone knows what the Golden Ratio is – it’s a special number found by dividing a line into two parts so that the longer part divided by the smaller part is also equal to the whole length divided by the longer part. (Yeah, that’s all Greek to me too) but according to Keith Devlin, a professor of mathematics at Stanford University, “it’s impossible for anything in the real-world to fall into the golden ratio, because it’s an irrational number.” Blame Adolf Zeising for this mess.

People think they see the golden ratio around them, in the natural world and the objects they love, but they can’t actually substantiate it,” Devlin tells me. “They are victims to their natural desire to find meaning in the pattern of the universe, without the math skills to tell them that the patterns they think they see are illusory.

3. Written much more eloquently that I (and less snarky), the Messyness Chic writes about Little Syria, NYC – a once vibrant neighborhood in Manhattan.

4. I tried to come up with something witty for this, but people, if your passwords are “letmein,” “1qaz2wsx,” “1234567,” then you’re an idiot. It’s 2016, get with the picture. Try something a little more creative (like DinoPass & Password Dog).

5. A haunting tale of three men trapped in the U.S.S. West Virginia after Pearl Harbor.

6. Hey, guess what – your elementary school teachers were wrong. Yeah, go figure. Oil doesn’t come from Velociraptors, Iguanodons, Brontomerus, but instead came from itty bitty pritty sea organisms. So feel better, America, you’re not burning millions of years of dinosaur sludge in your car, you’re just burning sea monkeys.


8. Hate burpees? Faceplant after doing a plank? Three left feet in yoga? Maybe you should try some of these ridiculous workouts: calf lifting (moo), vibrating chairs, treadmill bikes and everyone’s favorite, the bladder toss!

9. Yet another reboot is coming, but this time it’s Netflix & DreamWorks “reimagining” everyone’s favorite* 80s cartoon, Voltron. Let’s hope it does the original justice instead of making us cry.

*If you’ve never seen Voltron, then you lose 1,000 cool points. Just saying.

10. I tried creating my own recipe to post on ProfoundNoms a few weeks ago, and it was a massive fail. I, er, accidentally put a bit too much paprika in it and even with half a tub of sour cream, it wasn’t edible. Colby swears I’m trying to kill him.

11. Good news, Pastafarians of Massachusetts – the tyrannical Registry of Motor Vehicles has been defeated by the power of the First Amendment. That’s right, grab those spaghetti strainers and stroll down to your local RMV to update your license picture. Remember, He boiled for your sins!

12. “Your name is Tasbeeh. Don’t let them call you by anything else.”

13. Poor Pluto, first you are demoted to dwarf planet, then Caltech finds another planet far outside your orbit, a planet that’s 10x the size of the Earth, and 5,000x your size. Family reunions will never be the same.


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