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Friday, lovely Friday.

Cold weather is creeping in, goodbye sundresses and sandals, hello boots and scarves. This comic perfectly describes my opinion on winter, except for the horrid cold weather:


I like being a comfy lump.

1. In other news, we will be braving the Appalachian Mountains tomorrow, it’s time to see the in-laws! I love the Blue Ridge Parkway, especially in the fall. I hope we have time to go leaf-watching, but probably not – we’re driving in Saturday morning and leaving midday Sunday.

2. Ever-expanding, Chinese companies are running into culture shock as they enter international markets. Trade unions, lawsuits over quality, engaging in fair fights, tunnels for frogs, all things Chinese businesses don’t have to worry about on the mainland.

3. Instead of the 12 Days of Christmas movie collection, we have the Month of Halloween movie collection. We’ve watched the “Addams Family”, the original “Ghostbusters,” “Sweeney Todd” & “From Dawn to Dusk.” “Hocus Pocus” and “Beetlejuice” are cued up and ready to go. If you have a suggestion that won’t leave me screaming for days on end, leave a comment!

4. Did you hear that Colorado McDonald’s are offering pot-friendly zones? Or the girl who was impregnated by the flu shot? Skittles contain traces of coke? Fake. Fake. Fake. Fake.

Think a news story is too outrageous to be true? It probably is. Before sharing that horribly angering story on Facebook, check out, or follow some hints from the Conversation or

5. I have a ton of annoyances, I’ll admit. People cooking fish in the break room. Car alarms going off in the middle of the night. Broken chips. But you know what really gets me?

Picture this. Driving on the highway, heading home from work, wanting to relax and take off your shoes. Merging onto the exit, waiting in a long line of patient cars. All of a sudden, boom, a driver appears from nowhere. The car zooms past all the waiting cars and forces its way over. Now you’re one car further in the line and someone who didn’t play well with the other kiddies gets home before you do.

Doesn’t seem fair, does it?

6. What’s more adorable that a baby sloth? A baby sloth learning how to climb!

7. How do sloths keep from getting dizzy while hanging around all day?

“National Geographic explains that sloths move so slowly along the undersides of branches that the fluid contained between their inner and outer ears—which, as in humans, is part of a complex system that provides a sense of balance—”is always stable, which prevents them from getting dizzy.””

Source: Mental Floss

8. Shameless plug for Colby’s YouTube channel, Woodworking Geek. Again.

9. If you use a lot of fonts on a regular basis, and don’t want them slowing your machine down, try FontExplorer X. They offer a 30-day trial, and it’s $99 for the pro version for personal use. I first discovered FontExplorer X when I was at Small Town Newspaper, and it’s awesome. I currently have 5,000+ fonts on my computer, but only a few hundred activated at a time. It has plugins to work with Photoshop, Quark, InDesign, etc. Definitely worth checking out.

10. Speaking of fonts, if you’re too cheap to buy fonts (cough, me), there are a ton of free font sites out there. My two favorites are and FontSpace.

11. If you can’t identify a font,’s WhatTheFont! is an awesome tool to help narrow down a search, or find a similar font. Identifont also as a great tool, Fonts by Appearance, that helps you identify a font by key features (serif, uppercase Q tail, etc.) – perfect if you have a low-res image or working from a print.

12. Enough about fonts. According to, indulging in a childhood hobby — coloring — actually sparks creativity in adults, and alleviate stress/tension. Sign me up! A quick Amazon search found a plethora of options; I particular liked these: Stress Relieving PatternsStress Relieving Animal DesignsSacred Mandala Designs and Patterns Coloring Books, and Creative Haven Owls Coloring Book.

13. I like cookies.


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