Friday 13s – September 17

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Welcome to the second Friday 13s in September!

1. I’ve been oversharing these memes a bit too much on Facebook, but I can’t resist! The whole anti-GMO pro-FoodBabe anti-everything movement is just too idiotic not to poke fun at, I especially love Dihydrogen Monoxide Awareness

2. Breaking news: Science confirms that people are lazy. You won’t click the link, will you?

3. Random funny T-rex comic


4. If you haven’t checked out Stuff Mom Never Told You, go check it out now – Cristen has some hilarious videos on everything from butt acne, sitting like a man and why are big ears ugly?

5. Earlier today, I read a blog post by Cristen on A Practical Wedding, “The Truth About Engagement Anxiety in the Age of Social Media.” This particular quote struck home:

Even true love can’t troubleshoot downward spirals and brief collapses that come along with recurrent anxiety. Counter to our preferred nuptial narratives, the two sometimes—and probably far more often that polite company will acknowledge—coexist.

6. It’s that time of year again – talking heads trying to convince you that they are less evil than their opponent, and that all your wishes and desires will be fulfilled if you just vote for them. I’m neither a Democrat or a Republican, some might call me Libertarian, some might call me a heathen, but either way, I find the debates hilarious.

On Wednesday night, CNN asked the 11 candidates in the debate which woman they would want to put on the $10 bill. The answers ranged from known Americans (Susan B. Anthony, Rosa Parks), to unknown relatives (Mike Huckabee’s wife, Ben Carson’s mother, Donald Trump’s daughter) to known non-Americans (Margaret Thatcher & Mother Theresa). As Slate sums up, “Forty-five percent of those people are not historically important female Americans.”

Boo ya.

7. For your viewing pleasure, a picture of my darling husband at Target.


8. Consider this one a freebie.

9. Colby will be at Woodworking in America in Kansas City next weekend, along with our friend Wes, wearing his Woodworking Geek shirt and passing out stickers. If you see him, grab a sticker and call him a midget.

10. Giving Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited a try, it’s a lot cheaper than letting me roam around Barnes and Noble with a credit card (yay adulthood!). After one disappointing trilogy involving dryads and frickin’ time travel, I found a decent series by D.K. Holmberg, The Cloud Warrior Saga. I’m on book 6 and I just found out that book 7 won’t be available until November. Oh the humanity!

11. Speaking of Amazon, isn’t this hat adorable? Who said being an adult had to be boring?


San Diego Hat Women’s Frog Hat

12. Someone tricked Alex Trebeck into saying “Turd Ferguson” on an episode of Jeopardy recently. Two thumbs up!

13. Go give someone a hug.


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