Friday 13s – September 4

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Woo for half days! Double woo for three day weekends!

Any plans for the weekend?

We’re going to see the Carolina RailHawks vs. Atlanta Silverbacks, I know, me going to a baseball game. A bit odd. But the puppies get to come with us! I’ll try to remember to post pictures this weekend.

Onto this week’s Friday 13s:

1. I finally found a pair of pants that are comfortable, have real pockets and that actually look good on me. Yes. I can fit my phone into the front pocket, and they are actually made for girls! I can’t find them on New York & Co.’s website, but I snagged them at the local NY&C outlet store.

2. First they came for your dust bunnies, then they came for your food stains, now…now they want your grass clippings. Yes, the FCC has given Roomba permission to build a robot lawnmower.

3. I like doctors who actually spend time with you – not ones who try to rush you in and out so they can see their next patient. I like doctors who remember you, who ask real questions instead of “How are your meds? Need more?” Most importantly, I like doctors who you can relate to, doctors who make you laugh and laugh with you. So yeah, I like my new crazy doctor.

4. Speaking of robots, the worst has yet to come — they are invading our classrooms! They “… are becoming a part of society…” Our poor children! All in the name of science, bah!

5. Sometimes I wish I could reach out to friends and ask, “Is everything all right between us? We never talk anymore,” but I’m a coward.

6. See image:


7. Quickest way to lose my interest on your site? Slideshows. Slideshows. Slideshows. Click click click click click. And most sites that use slideshows SUCK.

8. Last week, I ventured into the attic, screamed like a little girl over a bug husk, and scrounged around until I found my prom dresses (from 2002!). I toss the bags onto the floor, scurry down from the ladder and eagerly strip in the living room (bad audience, bad). I’m skinnier than I was in high school! And I will say that Colby’s reaction was quite nice!

Now we just need to find an opera to go to…

9. Quote of the week:

“I’ll probably never fully become what I wanted to be when I grew up, but that’s probably because I wanted to be a ninja princess.” ― Cassandra Duffy

10. There’s something to be said about sitting around in a sunny afternoon, a pile of crayons to the side, a coloring book in front of you. Now you can color in the privacy of your own cube, without having to hide the crayon shavings from your coworkers. iPad only.

11. In cooking news, are you sure you’re measuring flour correctly? Dip & level vs. dip & shake vs. spoon & level. I’ve always used the dip & level method (woo, go me!), except when my flour tub is nearly empty. But hey, that means I’ve made plenty of cookies!

12. We just bought a DSLR, a Nikon D3300. I’m still a little overwhelmed by all the options – ISO, aperture, exposure, etc., but I’ll eventually get the hang of it. If you know of any good tutorials or videos for dummies, post a comment below. Please!

13. You get an e-cookie for reading this far.


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