Friday, I’m in Love

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Some days even my lucky rocket ship underpants won’t help. ~ Calvin & Hobbes

My subconscious can be a cruel, cruel mistress. Every single day this week, it’s made me believe that it’s Friday. How horrible is that?

I know, first world problems.

Plenty of ups and downs this week. Ups: I’ve lost nearly 40 pounds, and am near my ideal weight. I am almost able to fit into my skinny-girl jeans, and I no longer feel like a beach ball. Downs: Work has been rough, I’ve had some unexplained panic and paranoia attacks, and I accidentally hit a concrete post at work while trying to park my car. Poor VW.

Side note: My VW has the saddest beep ever. I always feel like I’m abandoning it when I lock it, that I’m a cruel, horrible person for leaving my Golf outside, in the rain, or the sun, or near small children.

I’ve been telling Colby for years to talk to random strangers, that it can make his (and their) day brighter, and now I have proof! Results from a recent study show that people who interact and engage with total strangers, such as the mailman, cashier, etc., are more positively affected than people who don’t.

My father emigrated from Lithuania to the United States when he was a young boy. I’ve always been curious about my dad’s family, and Lithuanian culture. Just recently, I found out that I’ve been pronouncing my last name wrong my entire life, my father Americanized it before I was born. So, if I fussed at you for mispronouncing my last name, I’m sorry, I was doing it too. But you still didn’t get it right.


Vicious pink flamingos!

George Takei, actor, director, Facebook poster, graciously answered questions by those ignorant of homosexuality on Buzzfeed. Questions that include, “Why do gay guys always look so soulless in pictures?” and “Why do gay guys always hit on me when I’m at the gay club?”

People, really? Gay guys are human. Straight women are human. Politicians are human. Deal with it!

Speaking of facepalms, more than 690,000 people have told their friends, family, coworkers and random neighbors that they are idiots and shouldn’t be allowed on the internet. Or out in public. According to these budding astronomers, on Aug. 27, Mars will come so close to Earth that it will appear the same size as the moon. Apparently this will happen again in 2287.


A hunting outfitter in Colorado has been accused of injuring cougars and bobcats so their clients could feel like real hunters. Because shooting wounded animals is so sportsmanlike.

South Carolina is full of strange and brilliant (foolish?) people. Take, for example, Jessica Cerney beat a 64-year-old man for farting in her face, or a Fort Hill man who picked up a chair and hit a fellow customer at Taco Bell because the victim burped without saying “excuse me.” That’s more of a stabbing offense, no need to hurt the poor chair.

While two American Ebola patients claimed God cured them, South Africa has closed their borders to non-citizens from countries affected by Ebola. More than 1,400 people have died in Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea, and numerous quarantines have been implemented in attempts to contain the disease. Production has decreased, food is unsold, public gatherings are banned in Liberia and government officials are trying to convince locals that Ebola isn’t a hoax.

Things aren’t so great here, either. The National Guard is pulling out of Ferguson, Mo., as tensions are easing and two nights passed without clashes between the local police and protesters. In Florida, a seven-year-old boy is in critical but stable condition after he was mistaken for an intruder and shot by his grandmother.

Er, getting a little depressing. In Florida, 378 customers paid it forward at a local Starbucks chain, and in New York, a high-end stylist spends his weekends giving free haircuts to the poor. Don’t forget the Missouri police officer who challenged some kids in a dance-off recently, and lost!

The Boyfriend Unit finished his first cutting board! Love it!

Colby finished his first cutting board! Love it!

I hope you have a great weekend, filled with sunshine, laughter and glitter!


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