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We all have a dinosaur deep within us just trying to get out. ~ Colin Mochrie

Note: This is a guest post by Bruno Jr., the world’s first blogging plastic dinosaur (probably).


Greetings, intertubes!

Hi! I’m Bruno Jr., and I’m a green plastic dinosaur! An Apatosaurus, to be exact. Doesn’t ring a bell? You might have learned about me in school, or seen one of my famous cousins on t.v., Littlefoot, from the Land Before Time series (I think it ended at LBT 34).

Littlefoot isn’t an Apatosaurus, you say? He’s a Brontosaurus!

Guess what! We’re the same species!

Yeap, some grouchy old fossil hunter found a headless dinosaur back in 1879, and named it Brontosaurus (“thunder lizard”). He didn’t get the memo that the same species was actually already named, back in 1877. It was called…Apatosaurus (“deceptive lizard”)!

So, uh, I don’t know where to go from here! This is my first time trying this whole typing thing, and it’s harder than I thought! I guess I’ll sign off for now, but follow me on Twitter! @DinoBrunoJr.

Head-typing isn't very fun!

Head-typing isn’t very fun!

Well, so long! If you want to read more about Apatosaurus, head to Mental Floss!


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