I’m So Exciiiiiited

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Remember this date: June 13.

What’s so important about it?

The Boyfriend Unit will be upgraded to Spousal Unit! In between now and then, we’ll patch him with Pre-Spousal Unit, or PSU for short.

Or just Colby.

I’m so exciiiiited, I just can’t fiiiiight it.

In other non-weddingy news, it was Taco Party night at the ProfoundNoms residence last Saturday. We served ground beef seasoned with my very own taco seasoning, tex-mex rice, beans, beans, beans, pineapple cupcakes with cream cheese icing, and so much more!

The crème de la crème was the tex-mex fajitas I made using this recipe. Since I couldn’t find chiles de arbol here in Not-Texas, I used some guajillo chiles I found at Aldi. Not quite tex-mexy, but still delicious!


Hope y’all have a great weekend, we’ll be at the beach enjoying the sand, waves and sun!

Header image // clement127


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