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The week after returning from vacation is the worst. Laundry, alarm clocks, work. You quickly get back into the rhythm of things and wonder if you even went on vacation.

Things I learned when visiting Chicago:

  • There are a TON more smokers here than back home.
  • Two-story Targets are awesome.
  • There are two kinds of taxi drivers: suicidal and homicidal.
  • Garrett’s popcorn is awesome.
  • If McDonalds is closed on Sunday, you’re sorta screwed for lunch.
  • People document their lives through selfies.
  • Chicago pizza is awesome, but New York pizza will always be king.
  • Solar-powered recycling compactors are cool.
  • Never eat in your hotel’s restaurant.
  • Even when it’s rainy & miserable, the city is beautiful.
  • The Magnificent Mile is just the same as the malls back home. Just…longer. And colder.
  • Never go to an aquarium on a rainy weekend.
  • You’ll miss it the second you leave.

While my memory may be flawed, my camera isn’t!

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