Pups at the Pitch

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Apparently Pups at the Pitch was for a soccer game, not a baseball game. Who knew?

The event benefitted Second Chance Pet Adoption, a non-profit volunteer no-kill rescue shelter in Wake County, N.C.

Stormy & Ra had so much fun – they got lots of petpets and hugs, and plenty of treats! They came home exhausted, Stormy promptly passed out in her bed.

Look at that tongue!

Look at that tongue!

When we walked up to the main entrance, someone from the Camp Bow Wow pavilion saw Stormy & Ra and ran up to give them hugs and petpets – she was so excited to see them! Camp Bow Wow is where we take the dogs for doggy daycare (if we’re going on a day trip) or overnight boarding. The staff is amazing, the dogs get nap time during the heat of the day, and they have peanut butter Kongs to play with at night! They absolutely lovelovelove going there, and we love it because we can see them frolic via webcam.

I have been known to look at the live feeds when the dogs aren’t home, just to see puppies!

Oh! And Camp Bow Wow was one of the main sponsors for Pups at the Pitch!

This was the first Pups at the Pitch game by the Carolina RailHawks, but there have been other sporting events like this in the Triangle Area (such as Bark in the Park by the Durham Bulls). I honestly didn’t know it was their first year until I looked it up earlier – everything was planned out so well, from the sponsor pavilions set up outside the gates, to the doggy water bowls/pools, to having a designated space for puppies to, er, empty their bladders.

One thing that I thought was really cool was the volunteers for Second Chance had a babysitting (dogsitting?) area set up – if we needed to go the restroom or grab a bite to eat, they would watch them while we were away (and of course play with them).

Totally chill puppy

Totally chill puppy

I honestly didn’t pay much attention to the game, I was preoccupied with all the puppies and talking with their owners, but I do know that the RailHawks scored two goals. Apparently that’s a big deal? Yes, I’m not a soccer fan – all I know is that you have to get the ball into the goal and past the goalie. Oh, and avoid maiming the other players.

There were a ton of sponsors there, having out treats and free samples and toys. Here’s a short list of the sponsors I remember, and their goodies!

  • Camp Bow Wow: reusable bags, mini frisbees, bag clips and tons of doggy treats
  • PetSupermarket: coupons, tennis balls, bandanas, frisbees, reusable bags, and treats
  • Pet Mania: tons and tons of Petcurean of samples for both puppies and kitties! Plus coupons!
  • Paws in the City: tasty treats! (well, at least the dogs thought so)
  • U.S. Navy: enlistment info, frisbees, pens, small soccer balls
Ra on the bleachers

Ra on the bleachers

There were a bunch of other sponsors (Dogtopia, Raleigh Community Pet Hospital, Suite Paws), in addition to the normal RailHawks sponsors.

Overall, we had a GREAT time. Check out pictures of the pups here.


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