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Did you know there are more than 200 flavors of Kit Kat bars in Japan?

Pear, purple sweet potato, wasabi, apple vinegar, soy sauce, just to name a few. Don’t forget the bubblegum Kit Kat!

“How are you doing?” Oh, that dreaded question. What should you say when a customer asks? You want to seem human, but not too human. Funny, but not too distracting. So I tend to recycle my answers.

  • Monday: “It’s Monday, only a few days until Friday!”
  • Tuesday: “One day closer to Friday!”
  • Wednesday: “Halfway to Friday!”
  • Thursday: “So happy it’s Friday tomorrow!”
  • Friday: “It’s Friday!”

And since today is Saturday, I am most happy indeed. My plans this weekend include sammiching myself between a blanket and the couch, getting into a staring contest with the dogs (and winning), attempting to keep my garden alive and pondering those deep questions that continue to puzzle mankind.

Such as, “Why is the daystar so evil?” “What would vampire flesh taste like? What about dinosaur flesh, carnivore or herbivore?”

There’s a reason my mother never let me play with power tools as a child. Things with moving parts tend to break after I touch them.

Did you know jungle gyms were invented by a mathematician? The inventor wanted to get his children familiar with thinking three dimensionally, instead of two dimensionally. The bars were broken up into sections (Y1, X2, etc.), and the children would have to climb to the appropriate intersection. Source: Now I Know

While I say I miss jungle gyms, I do not have any specific memories of playing on them. Most of my playground memories are of me pretending to be a Power Ranger or in Star Wars (I was always forced to be the Pink Ranger or Princess Leia).

via drpavloff @ Flickr

via drpavloff @ Flickr


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