Star-trekkin’ Across the Universe

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These are the voyages of the Starship Enterprise…

After two years, I have finally convinced Colby to watch Star Trek: The Next Generation with me. He wasn’t too impressed with the first episode (space jellyfish, and all), but he stuck with it.

Probably because I pouted.

We like to sit around and argue various plot points – is this feasible? Why would they do that? How can they look at alien programming code and tell how much info is stored?

Which got me thinking last night, after yet another episode of the Enterprise crew being threatened by repulsor beams, squeaky little aliens, etc.

Starfleet must have some pretty bad labor laws. Crew members on the Enterprise stand for most of their shift (well, if you’re in Security, etc.), which can lead to injuries during (frequent) battles/engagements/Wesley at the helm.

If there is a space battle, do all crew members receive hazard pay? Or only those in “dangerous” jobs – security, engineering, etc.? I don’t see the point in paying an oceanographer hazard pay, if he never leaves the ship.

That raises another question – do away teams receive an extra hazard pay?

How long are shifts on the bridge? Or in other areas? Seems like Picard’s main crew is always on the bridge, and they always seem to interact with a new planet when it’s daytime on the Enterprise, not daytime on the planet. You never see the Enterprise waiting for people to wake up.

If Starfleet follows a 24-hour Earth day, then either the crew rotates in 3 8-hour shifts, or 2 12-hour shifts. I don’t know about you, but standing on my feet for 12 hours in those hideous uniforms would have me filing a complaint with a labor board.

A friend on Facebook brought up a good point – what if Starfleet officers aren’t paid? Since we have replicators for everything, material goods are pointless.

I just don’t think the Federation, and humanity, will completely give up its desire for money, even 300 years in the future. People will still need to buy homes, gifts, etc. – not everything should be replicated. If that’s the case, then there would be no need to trade with other words, you would just scan the item once and keep it in a database.

Plus, there is always sentimental value is owning something that is 100% unique, something handmade. Though I doubt Etsy will be a dominant player in the 24th century.

That brings to mind another question – who supplies the data for the Enterprise? There is a central computer with information about other life forms, etc., but is it impartial? Is there an oversight committee to make sure it’s not edited unnecessarily (like Wikipedia). How often are updates received?

Funnily enough, we are divided up into teams at work, and my team is TEAM RED. I’m gonna die.

What is the retirement age in the Federation? One episode had an 85-year-old admiral still negotiating treaties, etc. Since medicine has undoubtedly come a long way in 300 years, why is 85 not the new 60? Or 45?

I’m curious to see how the Federation would handle marriages – I would assume (hope) that any adult can marry another adult, but what about multiple spouses? Will you still be considered an adult at 18? How are officials elected? Voting? What is the voting age in the Federation? Or would that be dependent on the planet in question?

Say a planet considers 15-year-olds to be adults, but the Federation considers an adult to be 18. Would said 15-year-old be able to vote in a Federation-wide election? Or serve on a starbase? The Federation isn’t supposed to interfere with the laws, etc., on any planet, the Prime Directive and all.

I would love to try out a holodeck, but I wonder how they program it. Events and places in the late 20th century could be recreated from photographs, videos, panoramas, but what about the 1940s? While we had cameras, they were black & white. For the characters recreated in holodecks, how accurate are they? Riker found his perfect match in Minuet, but did she feel human?

In other news, it might be a while before new recipes are added. My camera is not happy with me right now, and due to some health issues, I’m forbidden from eating cupcakes. Unless they are healthy, which defeats the purpose of a cupcake.

A few weeks ago, I found out I was severely anemic and pre-pre-diabetic, so my diet (MEAL PLAN, grr) has had a complete overhaul. I’m still getting used to the restrictions my doctor has placed on me, and trying to find healthy recipes that I actually like is rather difficult.

Also, finding healthy food that doesn’t cost the same as Yugo is pretty hard. I’ve tried some quinoa pasta, and while the texture is a bit odd, it’s decently tasty. However, I do not like spending $3.50 on a box of pasta – my inner cheapskate throws a hissy fit every time I go to the grocery store.

Don’t worry, I’m not on a carb-free, gluten-free, vegan diet, or whatever is popular nowadays. I can eat most foods I want, I just need to stay away from fruit juice (too much concentrated sugar) and sweets (that one is kinda obvious).

I’ve already noticed an improvement in my mood and my body – I’m not as tired anymore, not as depressed. I’m not perfect, I will always deal with depression and being bipolar, but I don’t have as many of the lows I’m used to.

My diet might be problematic for Colby, though. The first day I switched to my new meal plan, he said he would try it out with me. He lasted all of three hours!

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