A Fond Fairwell to MMXV

standard December 25, 2015 Leave a response

From ISIS1, 2, 3 to mass shootings1, 2, 3, from migrant crisis1, 2, 3 to police brutality1, 2, 3, 2015 has seen a lot. Plane crashes1, earthquakes1, automobile scandals1, it seemed like the bad news would never end. Celebrities dominated the airwaves, Josh Duggar1, Bill Cosby1, Kim Kardashian1, and the internet was inundated with videos of puppies and kitties.

But not all was darkness in 2015. Gay marriage was legalized in both Ireland and the United States. Caitlyn Jenner shares her true self, and we got our first close-up shots of our favorite dwarf planet, Pluto. Africa went a year without polio, and the Americas have eliminated Rubella.

On the home front, despite a lot of chaos on and around our wedding day, Colby & I are finally married – this is our first Christmas as a married couple! We heard a lot of great music — Here Comes the Mummies, KMFDM, Motley Crue and Alice Cooper — and saw a bunch of awesome plays – Spamalot, Reefer Madness, Dolly Parton’s 9-5.

We ran 5Ks — Sola 5K, Patriot 5K, Zoo City Young Life 5K, the Great Human Race — and attended a bunch of awesome events — Maker Faire in Burlington, N.C., Pups at the Pitch, SPARKCon. We volunteered at the Ronald McDonald House, Healing Places and Note in the Pocket, and traveled to D.C., Myrtle Beach and Topsail Beach.

Oh, and I went on an upside-down rollercoaster without throwing up.

But most importantly, we grew as a couple, as people, as humans. We learned that hitting parked cars is a bad idea, the homeless need socks more than anything else and caramel rice crackers do not go well with salsa.

Our wish to you this warm-faux-winter season is to for your hearts be grateful, your mugs be full, and your pants be stretchy.