Vacuums, spices, oh my!

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In the span of 10 minutes, I not only managed to make the Boyfriend’s nose burn, but vacuumed out the freezer.

Say what?

Earlier today, we bought an expandable shelf organizer from the Container Store (here), as our spices were in disarray. While going through all the many jars and bags, we had to play the guessing game “What spice blend is this?” Sometimes I’ll make a spice blend, stick it in a bag and forget to label it.

One of the blends was a Cajun spice rub, mild and sweet. The other…not so much. I thought it smelled good, so I asked the Boyfriend to smell it. He takes a big whiff and immediately starts to tear up, his nose was burning from the spices.


I think that one had cayenne, cumin and paprika in it. My bad.

While he was recovering, I went to go pull out a steak for dinner (mm, flank steak) and I didn’t realize he had placed Stormy’s dog food on top of the freezer. Note: we are trying to train her to eat twice a day, as soon as we put her food down. I open the freezer door and BOOM, dog food all over the freezer, in the ice maker and scattered on the floor. 

Le sigh.

Since my broom is out of commission, and we really didn’t want to handpick all the dog food in the tiny crevices in the freezer, we decided to vacuum it.

How many people can claim they have vacuumed a freezer?

I’m accident-prone, what can I say? At least the spices are better organized!



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