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You know, I have about five different pending blog posts, posts I swear I’ll get to one day, but it’s been five months, and I don’t think I’m going to finish them.

Not a great start to the new year!

On the other hand, I completed my first woodworking project all on my own!

*Mostly. Colby supervised to make sure I didn’t chop off a limb or set anything on fire.

With that project, I declared myself a woodworker! I’d joined such artisans as … well, Colby and Steve and Bob and the Drunken Woodworking guy. With a newfound sense of purpose, I dove into my next project: a matching key rack.

How hard could it be?

First attempted ended up glued to the table, and Colby had to chisel it off.

Second attempt ended up being, well, a disaster; too many different sized pieces, problems with paint, broken pieces, and so on.

I wanted to give up, throw in the (shop)towel. My ego was bruised, I was stunned that I wasn’t perfect at something on the second and third try (story of my life). I wanted to go back inside, shake off the sawdust and forget about the satisfying sound of my miter saw going through wood**, the muffled hum of the table saw as I sliced and diced, the feeling in my fingertips when I turned the orbital sander off.

**And yes, it’s MINE. ALL MINE.

But then I remembered a podcast Colby listened to in the car on our way to an ice skating rink (appropriately titled “Failure“). Oh, we all know the adages that riddle self-help books and management training seminars, but remembering listening to these guys talk about their mistakes, oversights and booboos made me pause.

Actually, it did more than just make me pause. It made me think.

It made me grab Colby’s graphics tablet and just start sketching out ideas, but properly this time.

That’s where I excel – planning things down to the sixteenth of an inch.

And you know what? I’ll probably kick ass with the next project, but fuck up on a few after that. Hopefully I’ll learn where I went wrong (without losing a limb or two), and dive back in.

Besides, I can’t let Colby have *all* the fun.

dnbmouC - Imgur

Header image // Ben Hosking


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